Please note: As of 12:00 am PDT on April 9, 2024, we are no longer accepting applications for tax year 2020. Any completed applications (with supporting documentation) submitted on or after 12:00 am PDT on April 9, 2024, will be prepared and filed for tax year 2021 only. By continuing to utilize our service, you acknowledge and agree that SmartERC will not prepare nor file your Forms 941X for any quarter of tax year 2020.

The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best ERC Company For Your Business

best erc company

January 30, 2024

Top Tips for Choosing the Best ERC Company

Navigating the maze of tax credits can be daunting, especially when you’re trying to maximize eligible benefits like the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). Introduced as a lifeline for businesses during challenging times, the ERC has become an essential tool in bolstering financial health.

Our guide will chart a clear course through selecting the best ERC company to ensure your business claims every dollar it qualifies for. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

The ERC is a monetary lifeline for businesses that kept their teams on payroll during COVID-19. It’s a way to receive money from the US Treasury, but you don’t have to pay it back like you would with a loan.

This credit works by looking at your 2019 payroll to see if your revenue went down, or if you had to change the way your business operated, because of government orders. If things did change for the worse, the ERC steps in to offer you some financial breathing room.

If you started your business on or after February 15, 2020 and your average annual income was below $1 million, you may also qualify for the ERC as a recovery startup business. However, this limits your ability to claim the ERC to the last two quarters of 2021. 

The ERC is like having an invisible safety net that rewards you for having invested your business capital into retaining your employees during the pandemic and sends it back into your wallet. It’s important to know how to access the ERC program so you can grab every dollar you’re entitled to without missing out or hitting obvious roadblocks along the way.

The Importance of ERC Companies for Businesses of All Sizes

With a firm grasp of what ERC is, let’s explore why ERC companies are vital for businesses. Choosing the right ERC partner can make a huge difference when going through the complicated application process. These firms specialize in navigating the complexities of tax credits and help employers claim the maximum benefits they’re entitled to.

They have consultants who are well-versed in ERC regulations and dedicated to helping businesses adhere to IRS rules.

ERC firms take the heavy lifting off your shoulders by handling all aspects of the credit claims process—from calculating potential refunds to preparing necessary documentation and telling you what records to retain. This support is crucial as it allows business owners to focus on running their operations without getting confused by intricate tax details they may not be familiar with or risking costly mistakes.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an ERC Company

Selecting the right ERC company is pivotal for your business—after all, it’s about securing the credits you deserve. But keep in mind, experience and transparency are non-negotiables.

Join us as we explore how these elements come together to help you make an informed choice.

Expertise in ERC Regulations

Choose an ERC company with educated consultants on their team. Smart ERC shines here, with a network of former IRS Auditors leading the charge. Their deep understanding of ERC qualifications, the impacts COVID-19 had on various industries across the country, and databases of COVID-19 data helps you put money back into your pocket. They navigate the complex rules surrounding the credit so you don’t have to.

Look for specialists whose knowledge goes beyond surface-level advice. These consultants stay ahead of changes in tax codes including the latest on ERC qualification and deadline changes. They should ask questions that demonstrate understanding of your industry and the hardships it may have faced as you navigated the uncertainty of the pandemic. This experience means they can handle complex tax work that only the most experienced professionals know how to navigate successfully. 

Comprehensive Services

Look for ERC companies that handle the whole application process from start to finish. Smart ERC, for example, does more than just complete forms. They review your history and ask detailed questions about how COVID-19 impacted your business to work out how much your business qualifies for under the ERC program. They also file the necessary paperwork with the IRS and keep all the records you need to back up your claim.

Your chosen company should make things easy. Smart ERC guides you through each step to submit your claim without confusion or stress. Our network of former IRS Auditors goes even further by checking if you’re following IRS rules correctly so you can get every eligible dollar. It’s about finding a service that offers you peace of mind.

Transparent Pricing

Knowing your costs upfront matters. You want an ERC company with transparent pricing. This means no hidden fees or sudden charges later. A good ERC company should clearly explain its fees before you sign up. They might charge a flat rate or a percentage of your tax credit.

Pick a company that offers clear contracts and straightforward billing. Some companies provide free eligibility analyses like Smart ERC does. Always read the fine print carefully!

Security and Privacy Measures

Transparent pricing leads us straight to another vital aspect of choosing an ERC company – ensuring your sensitive information stays safe. Every business that works directly with the IRS handles personal data, from tax returns to private employee details.

A trusted ERC company will protect this data with industry-standard security protocols. This includes encryption, secure servers, and regular privacy audits, among others.

Smart ERC takes privacy seriously by offering a consent form for their communications which complies with regulations and protects message confidentiality. 

Excellent Customer Support

Choosing an ERC company with expert customer support makes a big difference. They will answer your questions quickly and help you understand complex tax credits. Great support teams are there for you, ready to solve problems and guide you through each step. A friendly agent can turn a tricky process into a smooth experience.

Look for companies like Smart ERC that offer hands-on help. These types of firms give personal guidance when filing your claims, making sure everything is clear and correct.

With them, you’re not just another number; they treat every client with care and respect, ensuring that your business gets the attention it deserves.

best erc company


Why Choose Smart ERC for Your ERC Claim

Our network of former IRS Auditors knows the ins and outs of tax statutes. This experience means businesses large and small trust them with their claims. With clients across varied industries, we have an excellent track record and guide each client through every step to make sure they get the credit they qualify for.

We serve a wide range of sectors from restaurants to healthcare, so that no matter your field, you can potentially get funds to recover from economic setbacks like decreased revenue or supply chain issues. Smart ERC also makes it easy by estimating how much credit you can expect — up to $260,000 per 10 eligible employees! 

Your Claim Will Be In Trusted Hands

At Smart ERC, we know that dealing with tax credits can be complex, so we offer hands-on help every step of the way. You’ll get direct access to consultants who can answer your questions and guide you through the process.

Our consultants are ready to assist with any concerns or issues that might pop up so the process is easier for you. We want to make sure our clients feel supported and informed from start to finish. With Smart ERC, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a partner in navigating the ERC landscape.


Frequently Asked Questions about ERC Companies


How can an ERC company assist my business?

An ERC company can be a big help to your business by figuring out if you qualify for the Employee Retention Credit. They will look at your records and do the math to see how much money you can potentially get back in overpaid payroll tax.

These consultants fill out all the right forms for you, making sure every detail adheres to IRS regulations. They also put all your paperwork in order and tell you what records to make sure to retain, so everything is ready for you if the IRS has questions.

Think of an ERC company as a navigator guiding you through complicated tax rules. With their knowledge of COVID-19 relief measures and systems like QuickBooks Online, they make sure you don’t miss any credit facilities that could boost your cash flow.

And remember, unlike PPP loans or other lending options, this credit doesn’t need to be paid back—it’s yours to keep.

Can I claim the ERC retroactively for previous periods?

An ERC company does more than just help navigate current tax credits; it can also open doors to past benefits you might have missed. Yes, you can claim the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) retroactively for previous periods.

If your business qualifies, you have the opportunity to amend payroll taxes for 2020 or 2021 using IRS Form 941-X. This allows you to request an ERC refund after you file your original Form 941, so long as your amended return is filed before the applicable deadline. 

Many eligible businesses have already received substantial amounts through this retroactive claim process.

With professional guidance, claiming retroactively becomes a smooth journey toward securing a direct refund check from the IRS if you qualify—a boost that could significantly support your business’s finances in these challenging times.


Choosing the right ERC company is like picking a business partner; they should understand your needs and help you grow. Look for consultants who know the ins and outs of ERC rules. Expect transparent pricing and solid customer support.

Remember, good companies secure your data and guide you through every step. Your perfect match in an ERC company awaits to boost your business’s financial health!


Key Takeaways

  • Companies can claim the ERC retroactively by amending past payroll taxes through an ERC company, potentially getting up to $26,000 per eligible employee.
  • Transparent pricing and comprehensive services are key when choosing an ERC firm; look out for hidden fees and make sure they cover all aspects of claiming the credit.
  • A reputable ERC company will offer strong customer support, walking you through each step and making complex tax processes easier to understand.
  • Security measures such as encryption and secure servers are crucial in choosing an ERC provider to protect sensitive business information.
  • Smart ERC is a top choice for businesses seeking help with Employee Retention Credit, praised for its network of former IRS Auditors.


1. What’s the Employee Retention Credit deadline?

The ERC deadline is something you don’t want to miss – it’s crucial for getting tax credits! Keep your eye on 2024 as an important year. The deadline for claiming ERC for all quarters in 2020 is April 15, 2024. The deadline for claiming ERC for all quarters in 2021 is April 15, 2025. However, recent House Ways and Means Committee proposals have sought to end the refundability of the ERC as soon as January 31, 2024, meaning that your eligibility to receive a refund of your overpaid payroll tax could end as of that date. 

2. Can all types of businesses apply for ERC, even non-profits?

Absolutely, both small and medium-sized businesses along with non-profits can look into applying for the Employee Retention Credit if they meet the qualifying criteria.

3. Are there risks in choosing the wrong ERC company?

Absolutely! Picking the wrong partner could mean missing out on credits, claiming credits you are not actually entitled to, or not having the documentation to substantiate your claim saved in your records. Always go for a company with a reputation for reliability and a history of satisfied clients.

4. What should I look for when researching the best ERC company?

You’ll want to find someone who understands the complexities faced by your industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. They should have copies of government shutdown orders in each state applicable to various industries. They should ask questions about whether you took out PPP loans, what is the ownership structure of your company, if you have parent or subsidiary companies, and other qualifying questions. Look out for consultants that have years of firsthand experience working for or across from the IRS.

5. Is getting help with my ERC claim going to be expensive?

Not necessarily! Some companies may offer flat fees instead of percentages of your credit. Shop around to find a company that you trust at a price you can afford.


Having served as an IRS Auditor for over 13 years, I have acquired a deep understanding of the tax-related challenges that business owners encounter. My primary goal is to ensure that we deliver accurate and dependable information. We aim to provide you with peace of mind as we expertly guide you through the entire process.”

– Alejandra Astudillo, Former IRS Auditor

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